Spending Your Dollars Locally

Spending your dollars locally matters. At Sweetman Sanitation, we believe in supporting our neighbors and friends to create healthier communities for our children and ourselves. One way we do this is by spending our dollars with our friends and neighbors whenever possible. 

What is Local?

Local can mean different things to different people. Sometimes the definition changes based on the service or product that you are seeking. Sometimes local means in the same town when other times it means the same state. 

Regardless of your definition, the heart of “Supporting Local Businesses” means spending your dollars where the local multiplier effect impacts your ecosystem in a positive way.

The Value of Neighborhood Partnerships

When you spend your dollars locally that money supports your area. It’s called the Local Multiplier Effect. Your dollars circulate through your local economy 2-4 times more than money spent at a non-local company according to the American Independent Business Alliance. This equates to more local wealth, charitable donations and jobs.

In case this is not enough to convince you, let’s take a deeper look at the numbers. According to the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, spending locally means that local businesses return more than three times as much money per dollar of sales to the local economy than a non local business.

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Maash Metal & Fabrication

We are proud to have a local partner for our dumpers. Maash Metal & Fabrication, based out of Vesta, Minnesota, is the workhorse team who have built our 20 and 30 yard roll off dumpsters as well as our 4 and 8 yard dumpsters. If you are ever driving through Vesta and see some bright red dumpsters, you might be spotting Sweetman Sanitation dumpsters in the making!

Shop Local for Your Waste Management Services

At Sweetman Sanitation, we are proud to be a local, family-owned and operated small business. Looking for a local option to your waste management needs? We offer both garbage and recycling services. Whether you are looking for temporary rubbish dumpsters or routine garbage pick up, we are your team. Contact us today to get started.

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