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Redwood, Renville, Yellow Medicine and Lyon Counties in Minnesota

Garbage guys with a sense of humor, but serious about keeping your neighborhood clean — Sweetman Sanitation.

The Sweetmans grew up in the Redwood Falls area. Sweetman Sanitation is a family owned and operated business comprised of Ray Sweetman, Dominic Sweetman, Shannon Sweetman and Jonathan Sweetman.

Shannon and Ray were married after high school and, let's be honest, Shannon is the one that keeps everyone alive so she's an absolute vital part of the Sweetman Sanitation team.

Ray and Dominic are brothers who grew up in the Redwood community. Both of their families are comprised of graduates and current students at Redwood Area Schools. They are lifelong citizens of the area, growing up themselves and now raising children here too.

Jonathan Sweetman is the carbon copy of his father, Ray. Jon is now also building and raising a family in the Redwood community!

Redwood Falls has been such and continues to be a great community for them. This is a great opportunity for the entire Sweetman family to put their roots down more and invest in the area. They look forward to helping Redwood, Renville and Yellow Medicine Counties keep their local communities clean.

Join the Sweetman Sanitation team for the ride and get a quote today. They look forward to continuing to be a part of the community and continue this waste management business with that same mentality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Dumpsters are dropped off, emptied and picked up upon customer request. We have options from 2-yard, 3-yard, 4-yard, 6-yard and 8-yard dumpsters.

Yes, we have rural recycling. We have carts and dumpsters. One of our deals is two 95 gal carts for garbage emptied every other week and two 95 gal carts for recycling emptied once a month.

Experience in the industry

Ray’s story started as a child and has since brought the whole family into the waste sanitation business.

Ray Sweetman Square

Ray’s background

Ray has been hauling trash in the Redwood Falls area for more than 23 years. When he was twelve years old, Ray began working in the garbage business, starting with Curry Sanitation in Redwood Falls. After college, he joined a waste management company for a few years and continued locally for eleven years before starting Sweetman Sanitation.

Dominic Sweetman Square

Dominic’s background

Dominic has worked in the sanitation industry for 10 years first as a driver and then in management.

Shannon Sweetman Square

Shannon’s background

Shannon worked for 3 years in the sanitation industry in sales and recruiting before starting Sweetman Sanitation.

Jon Sweetman Square

Jon’s background

Jon got his start in the sanitation industry as a driver and continues in the role at Sweetman Sanitation.

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At Sweetman Sanitation, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Your situation is unique and your waste disposal needs are too. We would love to provide you with a customized quote to fit those needs. Simply reach out to us!

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