Recycling Services

From trash to treasure, we’ll take it away

Even if that means it’s recyclable!

At Sweetman Sanitation, we offer recycling services for commercial, residential and rural customers. One of our business mottos is that we will take care of your waste as soon as you need us to. See for yourself how this applies to our recycling service.

Single-Sort Recycling Only

Commercial recycling services

We all understand that being a good member of society means recycling. The often easiest place to recycle is at work in an office setting. However, this means that employers need to get their poop in a group to make sure that the items their employees put inside of the recycling bins end up actually recycled.

Residential recycling services

We're the sanitation superheroes, fighting grime and keeping your streets clean. Recycling is the simplest thing you can do to reduce waste. Having said that, we offer residential recycling services.*

*See Service Area for locations

Rural recycling services

The moment many of us have been waiting for… recycling in the rural areas! As nerdy as many of our customers may sound, they are all pretty excited about this one. No more hauling your boxes to the town recycling center or saving them to burn ‘someday’.


Electronic and appliance collections

Sweetman Sanitation does not handle electronic and application recycling. We do partner with the Redwood Renville Regional Material Recovery Facility. Check out their website with the upcoming recycling days to get rid of those bigger items not accepted in the recycling bins.

Recyclable goods

Being a good recycler means that you need to only recycle the things that can be recycled. [That little number on the plastic bottle actually means something!] If you’re new to the reduce, reuse and recycle world, we want to help you remember what things can actually be thrown into the recycling cart.

Plastic containers

  • Bottles, tubes and jugs only (no larger than 5 quarts)
    • Numbers 1, 2 and 5 (on the bottom)
  • No styrofoam, bags, toys, pools, siding or PVC pipe, etc.


  • Folded Flat: Paper bags, boxboard (cereal, cracker, pasta boxes)
    • No freezer or refrigerator boxes
    • No packing foam
    • No waxed cardboard


  • Newspaper, junk mail, magazines, paper backs, catalogs, phone books, envelopes and paper egg cartons
  • Do not bundle or tie — please place it in the cart loose

Steel and Aluminum

  • Food and beverage cans, clean aluminum foil, pie pans and aerosol cans
  • No food remaining; must be empty and clean
  • No need to remove labels


  • Clear, green and brown bottles and jars (food and beverage containers only)
  • No light bulbs, mirrors, ceramics or dishes; must be empty and clean

Tips about recycling

Recycling, when done right, is a great practice to get into. However, there are a lot of bad practices that people get into when recycling. In an attempt to educate everyone on good practice, see the list below on keeping the dirty dozen out:


Lawn Furniture



Hazardous materials

Needles & pills

Plastic bags


Rotten food

PVC plastic



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