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Businesses and organizations have just as much, if not more, waste than people in their homes. Having said that, we want to help our local organizations increase the amount of recycling! Sweetman Sanitation will help put those ‘blue’ bins throughout the office to their intended jobs. We offer commercial recycling services in and around Redwood, Renville and Yellow Medicine counties.

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Our recycling partner

Our partner in recycling is RRRSWA (you pronounce it like a pirate - arrrrr /s/ wa) or Redwood Renville Regional Solid Waste Authority. We work with RRRSWA and their recycling center to ensure that your recyclable materials are processed efficiently, effectively and correctly. As a regional waste facility, RRRSWA partners with Redwood, Renville and surrounding counties including Yellow Medicine.

What should I do with my Shredded paper?

Did you know that shredded paper does not belong in your “regular” recycling bin? Here’s some info from RRRSWA on what you should do with shredded paper.

Bags or boxes of shredded paper placed in the cart or drop box can break open during transportation and will not end up in its intended place. If possible, bring your bags or boxes of shredded paper directly to the facility to ensure this material will get recycled.

RRRSWA has a specially marked cart outside the office doors during business hours for you to place your bags/boxes (please don’t dump contents) of shredding into. On inclement weather days, the cart is kept inside.

Keep in mind that the RRRSWA has a secure document destruction service available at the facility so they can shred your personal documents for you! There is no charge for personal shredding and nominal fee for businesses.

Paper Shredder And Bag Of Shredded Documents
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At Sweetman Sanitation, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Your situation is unique and your waste disposal needs are too. We would love to provide you with a customized quote to fit those needs. Simply reach out to us!

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