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Three simple steps

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Remember when “stop, drop and roll” was taught so much in school you actually thought it was going to be a common occurrence to catch on fire… let’s make that the same for the three Rs! If we teach our children about reducing, reusing and recycling, we’re off to a good start. Stop, drop and… recycle! It all begins in your home.

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If I live within city limits,

Don’t I already pay for recycling services?

Recycling is the most complicated yet simple thing you can do to reduce waste. Having said that, we offer residential recycling services, just not within city limits. In the counties we service, tax dollars pay for your recycling! That is why we don’t offer recycling services for customers that live within city limits.

I'm interested in recycling for my what?

Our family-owned-and-operated waste management company services outside of city limits as well as commercial recycling customers. Dumping of our recycling carts is offered by a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cycle (depending on your location) to our customers throughout this region. At Sweetman Sanitation we conveniently accompany our garbage carts or dumpsters with recycling carts to allow for this feature even with our rural customers.

We take your trash, so you don't have to. Contact Sweetman Sanitation to get started today.

Our recycling partner

A special thank you to our recycling partner RRRSWA (channel your inner pirate here: rrr-s-wa) or Redwood/Renville Regional Solid Waste Authority who allow us the opportunity to offer this service to our customers. As a regional waste facility, RRRSWA partners with Redwood, Renville and surrounding counties including Yellow Medicine County. Gone are the days of loading your garbage carts with plastic containers, cardboard, paper, steel and aluminum as well as glass. We do want to remind everyone while filling your recycling carts that items should be loose and not bagged. There are also items not accepted by RRRSWA for recycling.

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Electronics and appliance recycling

We keep your streets neat from your house to the street. From recyclable goods to rubbish, Sweetman Sanitation has you covered… unless it’s your electronics and appliances. Don’t be that guy to put those items in your cart or dumpsters! Redwood/Renville Regional Solid Waste Authority (RRSA) offers electronic and application recycling throughout the year, often starting in April and ending in October. Check out their website to plan your next clean out for these items.

Are you ready?

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At Sweetman Sanitation, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Your situation is unique and your waste disposal needs are too. We would love to provide you with a customized quote to fit those needs. Simply reach out to us!

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