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Rural recycling collection

Sing it with us… “This is what DREAMS are made of”. But seriously, we are not kidding, we do have rural recycling services for Redwood, Renville, Lyon and Yellow Medicine Counties. For those that do not understand the excitement of this have probably never had to haul a million boxes to your town’s recycling center nor do online shopping. If that’s you, then we advise you to check out our garbage services instead.

Rural Recycling Service

What does this actually mean?

Rural recycling services for Sweetman Sanitation means monthly pick up of your recyclable goods in a cart. We conveniently accompany our garbage carts or dumpsters with recycling carts to allow for this feature even with our rural customers.

Don't let your recyclable garbage pile up — make us pick it up!

Rural recycling pick up

You might ask, “But if you only pick up my recycling every four weeks, won’t my bin be overflowing?” We say to that, “Probably not!” 😉 Though we might only pick up your rural trash and recycling every four weeks, we’ll make sure you can still keep your area tidy and clean. We do that by leaving extra carts for you to store materials in. So basically, if you are on an every four weeks pick up, we will leave you with two trash carts and two recycling carts to accommodate.

Hear from happy rural recycling customers

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At Sweetman Sanitation, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Your situation is unique and your waste disposal needs are too. We would love to provide you with a customized quote to fit those needs. Simply reach out to us!

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