We’re the Sole Provider of Rural Recycling in Southwest Minnesota

Sweetman Sanitation is proud to currently be the only provider of rural recycling services in Southwest Minnesota! Any licensed sanitation provider can haul recycling but we know what it's like to have to haul a million and one boxes to the neighboring recycling center in order to do your good deed of the day. Those days are over! We want to make rural recycling the norm!

Why is rural recycling a big deal?

In the past, rural residents in many areas have not been offered recycling services. Recycling in and of itself is typically taken on or subsidized by the local governments because it is not a profitable endeavor except that it provides great benefits to the environment! 

Most rural residents have had to haul their recycling to a communal drop off point. We’re here to help our communities and people and because of that, we’re excited to provide rural trash and recycling services in Redwood, Renville and eastern Yellow Medicine counties. 

Happy Customers

Don’t just take our word for it! We didn’t know people can get this excited about recycling either! Hear from a couple of rural customers who are pretty stoked about the option of rural recycling and trash. 

“Man growing old is so fun! WHO knew I’d be this excited about curbside country pickup!!!”

  • Brandy Lord-Deterling, Redwood Falls, MN

“We live in the country and having to haul our recycling into town was such a pain! When we found out that not only is Sweetman Sanitation locally owned, but that they would pick up our recycling, plus automatically collect our garbage so we didn't have to call, it was a no brainer. Sweetman Sanitation makes it easy and they are great to work with! I highly recommend them!”

  • Claire Meyers, Morgan, MN

About the Service

For us at Sweetman Sanitation, rural recycling services means monthly pick up of your recyclable goods in a cart. You may wonder how our customers don’t need to worry about their bins overflowing. Our rural customers receive two recycling carts with their trash carts. This is our way of making sure you can still keep your area tidy and clean!

Get a Quote Today

It doesn’t hurt anything to reach out to us for a quote! We’re always happy to provide an estimate to see if we can save you a buck or two AND get you great service while we’re doing it. 

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