Sweetman Sanitation Acquires R & E Sanitation

We’re excited to announce that Sweetman Sanitation has acquired R & E Sanitation effective immediately! Sweetman Sanitation is dedicated to offering the highest level of customer service and we are looking forward to servicing R & E Sanitation customers.

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The acquisition was completed on Wednesday, July 3, 2024. Sweetman Sanitation is now servicing former R & E customers effective immediately. Our goal is to have no interruptions of your service and provide your routine service on the same days and times as was done prior. As with any acquisition of this caliber, there are a lot of moving parts. If you are a former R & E customer and are in need of service, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know.

About Sweetman Sanitation 

The Sweetman Sanitation team has over 37 years in the industry. We're dedicated to both our community and environment, focusing on sustainable solutions for immediate and future waste disposal needs. We are proudly engaged in the communities we serve and committed to the wellbeing of others. Our deep industry knowledge allows us to deliver innovative, tailored solutions, meeting the needs of both residential and commercial customers in Redwood, Renville, Yellow Medicine and Lyon Counties.

Gratitude from R & E Sanitation

R & E Sanitation has been a vital part of the Redwood community for many years. As they hang their hat on their continuous years of service, Randy shared a message to their loyal customer base,

I'd like to thank our customers for the loyal support and it's time for Ray of Sweetman Sanitation to take over and show you the same loyalty and support to him as you did to us.

Randy Prescott, R & E Sanitation

Same Community Driven Goals

R & E and Sweetman Sanitation live, work, go to school and do business here in the local Redwood area. We both take pride in the community and find joy in doing our part to serve others. We could not think of a better pairing to be able to do that than our two local waste management businesses. All of us at Sweetman Sanitation look forward to continuing that same passion that R & E Sanitation has shown their customers and continue that on for years to come. 

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