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We are excited to announce our expansion into Yellow Medicine County! Some might laugh at us for taking this long to expand here since we are located in Echo, Minnesota (ba da bum dum). But fun fact, you actually have to be licensed in each of the separate counties or municipalities in order to be a waste management option for the community. As of late September 2023, we are officially ready to rock with a few cities in Yellow Medicine County!

Echo’s Trash Company

With the expansion into Yellow Medicine, we are very excited to hit the ground running with our newest community and the one closest to us: Echo, Minnesota. As of November 1, 2023, Sweetman Sanitation will be the official trash company for the town of Echo. 

Two yellow and black trash cans on a road.

What Does This Mean for Echo Residents and Businesses? 

At Sweetman Sanitation, we want to make this transition as seamless as possible for you! Your trash will be serviced the same day you have always been used to. Thursday mornings you should have your trash bins out by the curb by 7am! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the change over, bill pay or what size of bin to get, give us a call at 507-616-8774

Echo residents can choose from a number of options for trash disposal including a 35 gallon bin, 65 gallon bin or 95 gallon bin, based on the amount of waste your household produces. You can change your service at any point if you decide you need a longer or smaller bin option. Just reach out to us!

A new perk of working with Sweetman Sanitation is we will be offering monthly billing options when you choose email invoicing or automatic payments. Those who choose to receive their bill via mail will receive a quarterly invoice. 

Thank You to the Redwood, Renville and Yellow Medicine Counties

We are your favorite garbage company, we’re sweet, man. All jokes aside, as members of these communities, it gives a deep sense of joy to provide our neighbors, friends and family with a service that we’re proud of. Coming in as the ‘new guy’ into a town that we’re already involved in has already shown us just why we live, work and play here. From all of us at Sweetman Sanitation, Shannon, Ray, Dominic, and Jon, thank you for welcoming our new family-owned and operated business to the community. We can’t wait to continue to service your waste management needs and grow more relationships! 

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