2023 Christmas Tree Pick Up

Are you team real Christmas tree? As your home enjoys the fresh smell of Christmas indoors, have you thought about what you are doing with your tree after? Trees cannot go into the garbage. So then what?

For one day only on January 8, 2024, we at Sweetman Sanitation are offering a Christmas Tree Pick Up service. If you are an existing customer of ours, enjoy this service for FREE! Non-customers are invited to take part with a minimal $5 charge. Sign up today to make sure we get your house added to our list!

We ask that if you sign up for the service, that you have your Christmas tree on your curb by 7am on January 8, 2024. This will help make sure that your house does not get forgotten as we gather trees from our customers and non-customers throughout Redwood, Renville and Eastern Yellow Medicine counties in ONE day!

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