Refer a Neighbor Program

We Like Win-Win-Win Situations, Don't You?

Referrals are the biggest form of flattery in the world of business. You wouldn't recommend your friends and family to check out a business unless you yourself had faith in their service or product. We believe in our service speaking for itself; no long term contracts and no hidden fees. We're looking for more customers like you to spread the word about Sweetman Sanitation, of course, we have a deal for you!

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Get One Month of FREE service for both you AND your neighbor within two miles of you when they sign up for waste management service with us!

Refer a neighbor to us that lives within two miles of you by filling out the form below. We will reach out to your neighbor and let them know you think they might be a good fit. If they agree that they are a good fit and your neighbor signs up for our services, your next month's waste management service charges will be free.

Have any questions? Contact us today!

Thanks for Trusting us with your referral!

Refer a Neighbor Program

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Refer a Neighbor
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