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Your trustworthy partner in waste management and disposal

Providing reliable residential and commercial waste disposal and recycling services for a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

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Sweetman Sanitation is your one-stop solution for

All waste management services

We offer comprehensive waste disposal services including recycling, garbage pickup, and dumpster rental, ensuring a healthier living environment throughout Redwood, Renville, and Yellow Medicine counties in MN.


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Our services

Overcome your waste management challenges with ease

In our commitment to serving you better, Sweetman Sanitation not only offers solutions to your immediate waste management needs, but we also provide resources and continuous assistance to ensure a clean and sustainable living environment in the long run.

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Overflowing bins?

Eliminate the sight of overflowing garbage bins with Sweetman Sanitation's efficient waste management services, catering to residential, commercial, and rural customers.

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Missed collections?

Our reliable garbage pickup services ensure your bins are emptied on schedule, eliminating the disappointment of missed collections.

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Confusing regulations?

Don't let complicated waste management and recycling rules and regulations confuse you. We're here to guide and educate you on the best practices for responsible waste disposal.

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Waste piling up?

Our dumpster rental services provide the solution for managing waste during construction or major clean-outs. Stay focused on your project, leaving the waste management to us.

Why choose us?

Experience the Sweetman Sanitation difference

Choosing Sweetman Sanitation means you are opting for more than just a waste disposal service. You are making a commitment towards exceptional customer service, reliability and proactive sustainable waste solutions. Our timely and efficient garbage pickup, versatile dumpster rental, and comprehensive recycling services keep your environment clean and green.

Choose Sweetman Sanitation — where we turn your waste challenges into sustainable solutions.

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Comprehensive waste solutions

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Dependable service

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Environmental stewardship

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Never worry about your garbage again

Start your path to hassle-free residential and commercial waste disposal

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Request a quote

Begin your journey towards a cleaner and greener environment by requesting a personalized quote from Sweetman Sanitation.


Accept and experience our garbage pickup services

Upon acceptance of the quote, our garbage pickup services promptly swing into action.


Relish in the comfort of a waste-free environment

Say goodbye to all your waste management worries. Enjoy the peace that comes with a sustainable and clean living environment.

Sweetman Sanitation waste management services

The team at Sweetman Sanitation provides an extensive range of waste management solutions for our customers. Whether you're troubled by overflowing garbage bins, frustrated by missed collections, or grappling with accumulated waste during projects, our waste services guarantee a clean, sustainable environment for all.

Regular and timely removal of waste, eliminating the problem of overflowing bins.

Robust recycling services that contribute to environmental sustainability.

Convenient solutions for managing larger volumes of waste, particularly useful during construction or major clean-outs.

Hear from our satisfied customers about how we've made

A significant difference in their
waste management journeys

Discover how we have transformed our customers' waste management challenges into success stories. With our dependable garbage pickup services and effective waste disposal solutions, Sweetman Sanitation is committed to helping every customer achieve a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable life.

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Request a free waste management assessment

Let us evaluate your waste disposal needs and provide you with a personalized, environmentally-friendly waste management solution. Complete the form below to discover the potential of Sweetman Sanitation's services.

Whether you are a business, local resident or a rural customer in Redwood, Renville, or eastern Yellow Medicine County, we have the right waste solution for you. Let's join hands to create a healthier, greener environment.

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Sweetman Sanitation

The Sweetman Sanitation team has over 20 years in the industry and has become a new trusted waste management partner. We're dedicated to both our community and environment, focusing on sustainable solutions for immediate and future waste disposal needs. We are proudly engaged in the communities we serve and committed to the wellbeing of others. Our deep industry knowledge allows us to deliver innovative, tailored solutions, meeting the needs of both residential and commercial customers in Redwood, Renville, and Yellow Medicine County in MN.

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